Windows 7 professional SP1 OEM 32 & 64 bit

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Windows 7 Professional SP1 OEM 32 & 64 bit

Windows 7 is a personal computer operating system developed by Microsoft It is a part of the  windows NT family of operating systems, was released to manufacturing on July 22, 2009, and became generally available on October 22, 2009 supported until  January 2020 .

Windows 7 Professional  is the power user edition of the operating system windows 7 . In addition to all the features in the Home Premium edition, Pro is designed to be flexible for dual use in the home and small business. It will support up to 192GB of physical RAM in 64-bit mode, it supports legacy Windows XP productivity programs via XP Mode, it can work with two physical processors, and it can back up your data to a networked drive. It still lacks the App Locker and Bit-locker features, it can’t handle the pretty but superfluous remote Aero glass support, and it lacks the multilingual interface support pack.


Everything You Need for Work and Home

  • Improved desktop navigation features like Snap, Peek and Shake, make it easier to manage all of your open windows.
  • Creating a home network has never been easier. You can even share files and printers with all the PCs with Windows 7 on the network.
  • Find virtually anything on your PC – from documents to songs to email – just by typing a word or two with Windows Search.
  • Designed to make your PC sleep and resume quicker.
  • Takes full advantage of the power and multi-tasking capabilities of the latest 64-bit PCs.
  • Watch, pause, rewind and record TV with Windows Media Center.
  • Includes integrated video and Dolby audio codecs .

Works the Way You Want

  • Resume from sleep: Windows 7 help PCs sleep and resume from sleep more quickly by improving the way Windows 7 manages drivers, programs, and power.
  • Faster and more reliable : Windows 7 reduced the amount of memory your PC needs for open windows and to execute commands to help it be more responsive to commands.
  • Makes New Things Possible
  • Media on Your Terms

Windows Media Center

  • Turn your PC into a TV with Windows Media Center. Watch shows for free when and where you want with Internet TV.
  • DirectX 11 technology delivers breathtaking game graphics so real, it’s unreal.

New Ways to Engage

  • Windows Touch : Windows Touch makes PCs with touch screens easier and more intuitive to use.
  • Windows Media Player : More and more consumer electronics, from TVs to digital photo frames, can be connected to home networks. With Play To in Windows 7, you’ll be able to easily send music, photos, videos from your PC to a networked device throughout your home. You can enjoy the photos, music, and videos on your    home PC when you’re away from home with remote media streaming.
  • Location Aware Printing : Windows 7 will automatically pick the right printer for you when you move from home to work networks.

Safeguard Your Hard Work

  • Advanced Backup and Restore makes it easier to keep your work safely backed up to external or network drives and accessible if you need it.
  • File encryption helps keep proprietary and confidential information on a PC secure if it is lost or stolen.
  • Preserve your investment in programs designed for Windows XP with Windows XP Mode.
  • Windows Internet Explorer 8 helps keep your PC safer from malware and you safer from fraudulent websites designed to fool you into divulging private information.
  • Easily add your PC to a secured, managed, network with domain join capabilities.
  • Group policy controls help administrators more easily and effectively manage the security and configuration of multiple PCs.

Main Features

  • Support for Dynamic Disks. This allows software implementation of RAID, which could be useful for a system with multiple hard drives.
  • Encrypting File System – Allows for filesystem-level encryption. Not as secure as Bit-locker, which is only available in Ultimate.
  • Location Aware Printing
  • Presentation Mode – Lets you change the behavior of Windows while giving presentations, i.e. control volume, display different wallpaper, prevent screensaver from appearing, etc.
  • Group Policy – Allows you to control just about all aspects of the Windows operating system locally or via Windows Server 2003/2008
  • Offline Files and Folder Redirection – Again, more a feature of a Windows machine joined to a domain
  • Ability to join a Windows domain – Home Premium cannot join Windows domains
  • Windows XP Mode – Allows you to run Windows XP SP3 inside Windows 7. Used for compatibility with older programs.
  • Software Restriction Policies.


Specification windows 7 professional SP1 OEM


* The OEM license must be used by one person at a time
* The OEM license is valid only on the first machine on which the product was installed. It is not transferable to another client system.
* A major change in the client system configuration (eg motherboard change) makes the license invalid .
Brand Microsoft
Type Windows 7
Version professional SP1
License Type OEM *
Architecture 32-64 bit
Region activation Worldwide
The language Multi-language
Product Delivery Download
Plate-form PC
System Requirements Required configuration :

  • processor 1 Gigahertz (GHz) or faster (32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64)
  • RAM of 1 gigabyte (GB) (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)
  • hard drive with 16 GB free space (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)
  • DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver


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Download and activate Windows 7 Professional SP1

1. Once you have placed your order and received your product key by email go to Download tool By clicking on  the following link Download tool 

2. After running the tool  and through choose software select windows 7 .   

3. Select edition  Windows 7 Professional SP1 and click confirm .

4. Select the product language and click  confirm

5. From the download page Select  (copy link for 32 bit) for download  system  32-bit , and select  (copy link for 64 bit) for system 64 bit

7. After the installation is complete Select the Start button ,  right-click Computer, select Properties, and then select Activate Windows now.

8. Type your Windows 7 product key when prompted, select Next, and then follow the instructions.